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Memories and note about Country Dick

Email - [email protected]
Name - Epes McMurran
Date - August 13th 2008
Country Dick Montana is my hero. He had the voice that spoke to your soul. He was a Big Grizzly Bear, a big Shaggy Bison. He was bigger than life. He is an American legend and belongs with Paul Bunyan,Pecos Bill,John Henry,Babe Ruth and John Wayne. We need to erect a statute of him in San Diego. A Really Big Statue!!!! He had a good time all the time. And he always gave great advice "Stay out of jail" God Bless Country Dick Montana

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Name - Dave
Date - Jan 16th 2008
The Beat Farmers blew everyone away at the Belly Up Tavern, and when they opened for Stevie Ray in San Diego. I had an extra ticket one night at the Belly Up and someone else who knew sent Dick my way. I was in the balcony and Country Dick himself came up and then asks me for my extra ticket. I gave it to him, and he said thanks. Look, we are all just human beings, but I will always remember that Country Dick asked me for something, and I delivered. I respected them for what I saw. Un-censored raw rock and roll. They are a lot like AC/DC. Just plug in and turn it up.

Email - [email protected]
Name - Martin
Date - Oct 9th 2007
After all these years I remember the BFs just breaking in with a decent hit and then boom gone. What could have been?

Email - [email protected]
Name - Bob Dawson
Date - July 19th 2007
Dick and the Beat Farmers are part of the reason I can't do math in my head anymore...but shit who cares, car washes need workers too.

Email - [email protected]
Name - Marshall
Date - July 11th 2007
Still learning and exploring this new fangled thing called the internet and the world wide web and am so incredibly pleased by all things I've found BF related, Country Dick related and Mojo and Skid, and even Blasters/Dave Alvin, related. Then I came across this site here and it brought back so many memories for me. I have never stopped missing ol' Dick. I am a fella who still plays vinyl, so getting things on cd, let alone MP3 is something I'm slowly doing. But I play those vinyl records every day in my pad. And I've always kept Dick and BF a part of me, and they have come along in my life just about every step of way. There's not a moment I can reflect on that is NOT somehow also related to, or brings to mind, some BF song or feelin. I guess that's the sign of a group of guys that have become permanently etched into my heart and soul. And I thank God everyday that they have and that I was a lucky enough fella to grow up and old in California and have these boys do the same along with me. I got to see them more times than I recall and got to know many of them as friends...and Dick...and are so terribly missed to this day. RIP brothers.

Email - [email protected]
Name - Lyle Raustadt
Date - June 22nd 2007
Saw the BFers 3 times, twice in Minneapolis and once outside in St.Paul at Grand Old Days. At that event a goodlooking but snooby gal slithered sexy like up front for a listen upon which see turned her nose up and walked away disgusted like, I timed it just right tossing the contents of my half drunkin beer straight up in the air at just right angle so it came down square on her head . Those not too drunk that noticed cheered and hooted as she quickly turned to see who the SOB was who "washed her hair" saw a dozen BF lovers all smiling LOUD + PLOWED!!!!

Email - [email protected]
Name - Huge
Date - Feb 10th 2007
I'll never fergit the only time I saw them (the year he died). Country Dick had the whole club sit down, then lit up a BIG fatty and handed it around.
It was like a timewarp as his casual but commanding presence gently coerced open complicity in illicit behavior; it was safety in numbers and at the same time natural and normal. Not a hippy dippy happenin' but rather the living embodiment of rebellious rock and roll with a wink whipped up by one of the best ringleaders ever to hit the club stage.

Email - [email protected]
Name - Velvet Johnnie
Date - Jan 31st 2007
I remember, dammit.
I had a chance to see the BFers on a (can you believe it--) Monday night in Virginia Beach, VA at Rogues Gallery. The place was known for disco acts, but I was part of a punk band called Waldos and had heard about the BFers via Carol "Hell Yeah" Taylor at WNOR 99FM. The tunes I heard on local radio - Bigger Stones, Goldmine and a couple of others - drove me to see these Gods of Rock-A-Billy/Punk/Country.
Dammit, those guys were awesome. Montana Dick did his usual front-man thing, complete with spinning bottles of Heiniken - full of course. My life has never been the same. Our band these days, the Velvet Marias, owes its birth to the BFers, John Doe and X, and The Scorchers. We're burning the damn torch, and plan on doing so for a long time. How in the Hell did these guys miss being Huge F-ing Stars!?!
Thanks, Dan, and all the Farmers. We appreciate all you did, and we miss what you SHOULD have become.
Think that when you hear the next Britney Spears misled musical experiment!
Long Live BFers!
Chicks Love Our Big Twangs!

Email - [email protected]
Name - Sue
Date - Nov 11th 2006
I followed The BF's for many years and it broke my heart to hear Dixk had died. I have some fabulous memories of them all, especially in Asbury Park sitting around talking and partying with Dick and the boys. He didn't know me from Adam but we talked like known me for years. That was probably 20 years ago and I still think of them. There was never anything pretentious about these guys! I think he probably did go just the way he would've wanted, but I still miss him. Can't wait till my daughter is old enough I can share the musuc! RIP Dick.

Email - [email protected]
Name - Curtis
Date - Dec 15th 2006
Hello all, I had the pleasure of opening for the Beat Farmers in a City in Canada, Regina, Saskatchewan to be The Blazers was the band I played in and I had been a fan of The BFers for years. It was so exciting to get to open for them. After that we (The Blazers) use to run into them once and a while on the road (Banff, Alberta comes to mind). I still to this day listen to their music. I was very sadden to hear of C. Dick's passing and the end of an era. The BFers were fantastic band and I am very proud to say I met and opened for them back in the day.
Curtis Kautzman

Email - [email protected]
Name - Luke Warmwater
Date - Dec 6th 2006
I have licked his boot, drank tequila from it, pissed beside him, made up the setlist for a show, let him make out with my girlfriend and personally carried him on my shoulders across the bar during that part in California Kid. Yahhhhh... but who hasn't.
I still love playing Beat Farmers music and people still ask, "Who's this?" ,just discovering it for the 1st time. Absolutely Timeless Rock and motherfucking Roll.
I'd like to know where Dick is buried as I'd love to take a road trip soon, and, only out of the deepest respect, visit his grave. If anyone can help me out please contact me via email.
My personal favourite Dickism is ,"READY MATES?" and the beginning of Big River. Chills man, chills.
Thank you all over the place for the great comments about Jerry Joey Rolle Buddy and C. Dick.
from Luke

Email - [email protected]
Name - Sonia
Date - Oct 10th 2006
Whoever's keeping count - please put this in your books. Country Dick was our preacher on July 4, 1992 and today we are still quite happily married. I know the last time I spoke with Dick he was worried about his record - seems some local radio stations were having him perform commercial ceremonies that he didn't think would last. I don't know if they did or not. My husband and I met when C. Dick was on stage and we still support the local scene together (though "local" to us changes frequently).
I wish he were still around, but I'm sure he wouldn't have wanted to go any other way.

Email - [email protected]
Name - Tisha
Date - September 20th 2006
first time i heard them i knew they were the some of the best music ever !!! turned on to them by my ex& my first true love now dick is gone & christopher has moved on to. but i'll always love them both to the end of my time!!!!!! evergreen colorado my best show ever!!!!!and if you are out there christopher my heart still belongs to you and thank you for you and most of all the music of country dick and the beat farners !!!!they've gotten me thru the worst of times and given me some of the best times ever!!!!my love to you all!!!

Email - [email protected]
Name - Jeff Holt
Date - September 10th 2006
My friends and I saw the Farmers about eight tmes and the best was at the Catoti Caberet,they were the best live show ever and after the first show we gave the band a doobie of indica and the next time we saw them there Dick signed the Beat Farmer Almenac with the words "THANKS FOR THE SHIT." I will keep all of the signed almanacs forever

Email - [email protected]
Name - Mike Keegan
Date - July 26th 2006
I remember seeing he BF'ers numerous times in San Diego however the fondest memories that I have of Country Dick are as follows. I don't remember the year but the BF'ers were opening for Eddie Money at Copley Symphony Hall and I was working security and Dick had come into the lobby before the doors opened and I asked how he was doing he replied "Just fucking great" in his deep and resonate loud voice right in front of the volunteer ushers of the average age was about 75 he then asked where he could find a "Baby Ruth" I pointed to the concession stand and he said " you will love this shit" again in not exactly his library voice and from his trench coat pulled what turned out to be a blow up sheep. He then had one of the guards blow the sheep up he then took the candy bar out of the wrapper and put it well you know where and started laughing out loud and then said "I'm going to eat sheep shit on stage tonight". I almost passed from laughing so hard. One of the other great times with the legend was when the BF'ers opened for Blues Traveler in Tijuana at Iguanas. During Happy Boy Dick came to the side of the stage that I was working and he climbed on my shoulders and continued to sing and asked for the crowd the feed his "horse" beer and tequila which they did needless to say I was covered in beer and tequila and loving every minute. The other moment was at Street Scene soon after his surgery I saw him near one of the stages and commented on great he looked and he threw his arms around and like I was his long lost brother and said thanks and that he had plans of being around for awhile my only regret is that he could not keep the plans.

Email - [email protected]
Name - Mcfly
Date - July 13th 2006
I saw the beat farmers back in 92 in a small bar in San Juan of the best and most energetic shows I had seen. To this day my good friend and I play the song "Happy Boy" in a drunken moment when calling each other. I wish I had seen more shows.
Happy Boy...
R.I.P brother from another mother

Email - [email protected]
Name - Eric Stockhausen
Date - June 5th 2006
A few weeks before Country Dick passed away, I went w/ several friends to the 9:30 Club in DC to see the BFers. My buddy, Jack Cush, had told me that they invite anyone w/ a kazoo onstage to play during Happy Boy. I had small kids at the time, so a kazoo was handy. Off to the show I go w/ my kazoo in hand. One of the proudest moments of my life was getting on stage and playing with the band.

It was made all the more special when we heard a few weeks later that Country Dick had passed away. RIP, Country Dick.

Email - [email protected]
Name - [anonymous]
Date - April 30th 2006
I was 15 the first time I saw the BF'S! I heard them on local underground radio in Denver. My poor nieve parents, simply thoought my friend Eric and I were going to a country concert, which made them happy, since we were both punks. We sat at the back door of the venue for about two hours. Then Dick got out of a van that looked like it had been on tour for five years. We were giddy and asked if he would sign our albums, he said, "Shit you little fucker I will sign this one and give you another." He gave us their newest album, sighned that too, then said "follow me, you little shits!" We walked into the Rainbow Music Hall in Denver, and in complete ah, this man told the people there on staff to lead us to the beer. That they did. Eric and I looked at each other like, "THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER!" We were drunk by the fourth song, and as a guitarist, all I remember was watching Jerry or Buddy, I can't remember, spreading their legs wide, and digging in those strings like a crazy man, twiddling his tongue around his mouth, and his eyes rolling around in his head. Then the pitchers were served to Dick, well you know the rest. Never forget that man who made me a musician. I will never foget his down to earth, " I like you boy!" attitude. Changed my life forever. Wish I knew back then how really relevant the man was. That was only the first of many shows I saw, and got to drink with this wonderful man. Thanks for those beers buddy, thanks for teaching me about being a honky tonk musician. Somewhere Hank Williams, GG allin, and Dick are challenging each other on shots." Dick will win. We know that too.
One pitcher for Mr. Montana!

Email - [email protected]
Name - LOLA
Date - April 17th 2006
When Grow up I want to be KING!!!!!OF THE HOBO'S!!!!!!miss you... and i have a true problem with time, but it's a dimension so I say WHAT THE HELL!! hehe

Name - JackieTriple H
Email - [email protected]
Date - April 6th 2006
RSVP Buddy Blue. He's gone to join Dick in the Big Sky Country. Funny, I was just remembering the BFs the other day. I tried to discribe to my kids a concert I saw in Pittsburgh at the "Lion's Walk" back in 85. Country Dick came onstage after making us sit through a long and painfully bad local band. After the fourth or fifth beer, Dick was twirling the beer bottle like a baton, spinning it like a firecracker. Everyone got wet and loved it. I had to meet him during the break. He totally disreagarded my boyfriend (future ex-husband) and gave me a big hug and sloppy kiss on the cheek. He signed my playbill (the one with a picture of the band all having a simulated gang butt f***) with "Love you Deeply, Country Dick". I still have it to this day. The last I remembered him, he was onstage, on his back with a beer bottle held between his cowboy boots, pouring the beer into his mouth and face while singing an oncore of "Happy Boy". I'm sure that he's somewhere up in the Big Sky doing it again, now with some serious backup from his friend Buddy.

Name - Melody Newman
Email - [email protected]
Date - January 26 2006
I still think about the last time I saw the Beat Farmers in Ames Iowa in '95. That show was such a riot!!! Country Dick got about a dozen people to sit down on a beer soaked floor and passed a doobie around while he sang.
My first date with my now husband was to a Beat Farmers show at the Ranch Bowl in Omaha, NE in 1989. Country Dick rode one of the football players over to the bar. We got his autograph that night.
I know he's been gone a long time now, but I smile every time I think about him. WE MISS YOU!!!

Name - Rose Royce
Email - [email protected]
Date - January 13 2006 (Friday the 13th!)
I was feeling nostalgic and pulled out some of my BF albums. I saw the BF'ers their very first show at the SVI in '83. I still have the flyer. My friend Gabby and others were devoted followers and she eventually began dating Rolle. These were the best times of my life. I haven't talked to Gabby in years, still trying to find her, so if anyone knows where she is, please email me. I've made some terrible choices in my life, but loving the Beat Farmers wasn't one of them. God bless you Country Dick.

Name - Tom Rulon
Email - [email protected]
Date - Dec 29 2005
I remember when I was 14 years old and the Penetrators would rehearse right down the way from where I lived in S.Mission Beach and having Dan (Dick) buy my beers for me and the band I had started. If I had enough for a 12 pack, i'd get back 8. With the graces of Chris Davies & Country Dick was I given the nod to practice @ their studio for free, and so my induction into Rn'R was sealed. I miss him terribly especially this past year, making it a decade since the decadance of C.D. had roamed and traveled this earth were here left to deal with.

Name - Mark Hanson
Email - [email protected]
Date - Dec 28 2005
Comment I remember back in "85 I saw the Beatfarmers with the chick du jour at the Belly up and Dick came off the stage shitfaced with a Bud in hand. He shook the beer up and spewed it my chick's face, she then kicked him in the balls as he belched California Kid. He didn't miss a beat. It was awesome.

Name - Ted Burgess
Email - [email protected]
Date - August 12th 2005
We were talking about different guitars the other day and Dick's hunk of wood guitar came up. It reminded me of how, for a good period of time, the Beat Farmers were the best live band on the planet, period. From the killer guitars to the great songwriting - they smoked. And of course Dick was a highlight of every show - plus he was a damn good drummer.
I remember I was living in Sacramento in 1989 and the Beat Farmers came to town. We were hanging out with Dick at the bar while the opening band was playing. I don't think too many fans recognized him so it was cool killing time with him and my buddies. There was a band called the earwigs playing on stage. Dick asked me what I thought. I tried to be polite and I said they sounded ok. I asked him what he thought. He said, in that Dick growl, "I think they're ugly!" When the band hit the stage with "California Kid" Dick jumped on my back and I ran him around the venue. Awesome night.
I will always miss that guy. I don't think the music community really understands how great his loss is.
I've since casually met the other guys in the band here or there and they are all incredibly cool guys. I wish them the best and thank them for all the great times.

Name - Tim Adams
Email - [email protected]
Date - November 9th 2004
Ive seen the Beat Farmers over 20 times with the ticket stubs still to prove it. No other band in my life ever got me to pay to see them 20 times. Does that give ya'll a clue to how much fun that band was? Hey Dan, (Country Dick) thanks for all the good times, and that day in Hollywood that you were on my shoulders? For a big man you didnt weigh me down a bit. My life is better for knowin ya. R.I.P. xo

Name - Mike Weiss
Email - [email protected]
Date - November 1st 2004
It's neat to find there are others out there who loved the Beat Farmers almost as much as I did/do. I feel like it was the Beat Farmers who really got my friend Ben and me motivated to get a small cassette/mic taping rig !! We were seeing these awesome shows at the Cabooze in Minneapolis that the BF's would play, and went, man, we should be recording this!! Nobody will believe how great this is!! We taped them playing at the Cabooze nine times between 1991 and 1995... Almost no band I ever saw was so cool about talking to fans before the show, signing stuff, etc...They played on my birthday once and my friends got to the club before me, and had the late great CD Montana sign a birthday card for me..."Cheers, fucker!!!" it reads...After signing it he asked if that was okay, if I would be offended, and my friends truthfully replied that, no, in fact I would be thrilled to recieve Dick's blessing in that way...I will save it forever...I miss them a lot, and think about those days a lot...Of course, I wish the new incarnation of the band would tour again...I always thought that while Dick was the comic showman/spiritual leader of the band, the music was the real appeal of the Beat many great songs, (God is here tonite,Hollywood hills,Let me sleep out in yer garden, Texas heat,Are ya drinkin w/ me Jesus,Calif. kid, Maureen, Bigger stones; I could go on and on...) it'd be a shame to never hear 'em again...On that note, I am willing to trade or simply share some of the Beat Farmers we have taped...I have put 4 of the shows onto CD from our cassette masters, and have enjoyed them greatly...I am going to put all of them on CD in the near future...I don't sell EVER, and only trade on a very casual basis...e-mail me if you want to figure out a trade or whatever...(!)

Name - Lon Hoover
Email - [email protected]
Date - October 7th 2004
Country Dick! I miss him. I miss him real bad. He was the genuine thing. He could bring you into a world that we all needed. Probably still do. I feel very fortunate to have seen him entertain. Walk into the bar before the show and there's Dick at the bar. He was everyone's friend. A good friend, even if he didn't know your name! I have seen everyone from AC/DC to Zappa perform. I never long for anything like I do The Beat Farmers. Country Dick IS a true piece of Americana. I can only hope he hears me right now say "Thank You and I Love You"

Name - doug gay (aka the motown maniac)
Email - [email protected]
Date - September 25th 2004
I now fortunately own several copies of the two Beat Farmers CD's (live in San Diego, and Best Of). Are there any other recordings available on whatever format?
As a live band, I unfortuntely never saw them.
I listen to these guys all the time. Whenever I play them to friends, they are astounded, and, like me, wonder how in the world we can hear more!
PS, I am also a motor city five big fan.

Name - JR Holther
Email - [email protected]
Date - August 7 2004
Still think about him.
Still miss him.
Still love him.
Above all else, I still can't believe I actually licked his trenchcoat. That painful white bump on my tongue didn't go away for a week!

Name - bj williams
Email - [email protected]
Date - July 5 2004
A tdk 90 min tape changed my life. a friends older brother made it for me around 1987 or so;side a was 'hootenanny' by the replacements, side b was "tales of the new west". saved me from hairband hell. saw the farmers 4 or 5 times-some of the best live shows i've ever/will ever see! the 10 year show in SD was incredible! first and only time ive seen it rain beer! dick came out for an encore wearing his longrider coat and ski goggles, leaning into the beer onslaught and did the best 'god save the queen' ever! took my punk rock feminist girlfriend to a farmers show at the old 9:30 club in DC and made her a true believer! dick is dead! long live dick!

Name - Bob Dawson
Email - [email protected]
Date - June 10 2004
I still like the Beat Farmers, dammit! They were the soundtrack of my life which just about describes what a bitch it has been. Still miss Montana today but sometimes when the thunder is rolling up above, I think I hear a few belches.

Name - christian morris
Email - [email protected]
Date - June 5 2004
my dad turned me on to the beatfarmers, at the catalyst in santa cruz ca. which turned out to be the best, funnest and most memorable times ever in my entire thirtythree years of existance. i will never forget that show that night. so with that said, i will pour out a little liquor for "country dick montana" one of the most smooth and coolmother truckers that ever lived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name - Ferrara Brain Pan a/k/a Steve Hitchcock
Email - [email protected]
Date - May 28 2004
As one of the original San Diego punk rockers from the late 70s scene, I remember Dan 'Country Dick' McLain well (and his earlier band the Penetrators) - He ran Monty Rockers, one of San Diego's two punk-friendly record shops, and was an affable, gregarious fellow, a funny and rollicking character and asset to the community - It's sad that he's gone, but it's great that he lived his life to the hilt and went out doing what he loved to do...

Name - T. Pallotto
Email - [email protected]
Date - May 15 2004
I was a big fan, but only saw the Beat Farmers twice. The first show was at the now defunct Biddy Mulligan's on Chicago's far North side circa 1986. I remember Dick singing on the bar while balancing himself by holding onto a chandelier. About halfway through the song he fell into the crowd. His hat fell right to me. Naturally I had to put on the famous hat. The crowd pushed Dick back onto the bar. He helped himself up by pushing up on a hot coffee plate--no sign of pain! He looked around, saw me and said, "Gimme that hat boy." He grabbed it off my head and finished the song. The second show was at Tipitina's in New Orleans. Country Dick wandered the crowd after the show. We talked a while and he gave my wife and me his blessing after finding out we'd met at a Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper concert.

Name - crapitoutjim
Email - [email protected]
Date - April 26th 2004
I bought my first BF album in Blackpool, UK 1984/5 whilst a college and immediately fell in love with their country/punk sound. Especially loved the gargelling song at the end of the album, whose name has slipped my mind?

Cut to about six years later and I'm living in Munich, Germany. The Beat Farmers are playing but theres only about 20 people turn up to see them. This didn't phase the band a jot, who tear into a barrage of great fast energy filled tunes. The whole evening is topped of by Country Dick getting down off the stage, telling everyone to sit in a circcle as though round a campfire and he starts to tell some great stories following up tale with a song. The gargelling song is also included. My mate Simon who never heard of the band prior to this gig is totally wiped out by the event and promptly goes out the next day to buy as much BF stuff as he can get.
We ended up going back to my flat after the gig and getting smashed on whiskey whilst repeatedly playing the 2 albums I'd got.
Great night, great memory, a much and sadly missed icon, RIP Country Dick

Name - Jeanette
Email - [email protected]
Date - February 28 2004
I was thinking about Country Dick Montana today, did a search and found this site. I'm feeling really humble right now reading back over the years of posting but I'd like to share a couple of memories.
I remember the days of figuring out that I was 18 and the world was my party...and the Penetrators!
Then some years later, I got responsibilities (damn!) but there was an upside; I had a beautiful baby boy, Corey. Corey had a hearing problem and could only hear certain tones and pitches. He couldn't hear background was frustrating to him. He tended to like music without words, maybe because it allowed him to just get intouch with the melody and the sounds of the instruments...who knows...but there was a song that this adorable little 4 year old knew and would belt out everytime he heard it. That song was Happy Boy. It seemed that Country Dick's voice was the only pitch he seemed to get into and just "dig". Some years later my brother-in-law was in a band, Natasha's Ghost, and did some touring as an opening act for the Beat Farmers. When they were in town, they sometimes played the same venues or hung out and I got a chance to tell him the story. His response was so humble.."I wish I'd meant to do that!"(In that Country Dick voice of his)
Speaking of sister(who has a little bit of a high pitched innocence to her voice)& I were listening to my brother-in-law play and Country Dick happened to hanging out at the bar so we were talking to him and she asked "Country Dick, is that your real voice?" to which he replied "Why yes little lady, is that YOUR real voice?"
I wrote a poem dedicated to Country Dick in honor of his influence on Corey, who now hears very well and is a huge music fan. One of my grandest wishes is that someday it get to be a real song. I can hear it in my head but it remains there...awaiting a great drummer and a deep, wiskey voice to bring it to life.
You can read it
Thanks for making my son a "Happy Boy"

Name - J R Wells
Email - jrw94954
Date - December 1st 2003
If the world could have seen Beat Farmers live they would have been bigger than the Beatles maybe even bigger than life They left a void that will never be filled.

Name - TDH
Email - [email protected]
Date - October 18th 2003
Comment - Country Dick Montana I'll drink one for you at DASH RIP ROCK'S show here in Haderslev Denmark tonight. Keep rockin' up there above the clouds...TDH

Name - James May
Email - [email protected]
Date - July 16th 2003
I was baptized into the Universal Life Church by the Rev. Country Dick Montana when he poured his beer over my head during a Beat Famers show at Sonoma State University in 1987 after I had tried to grab his beer from him. I was immediately transformed into a Beat Farmers fanatic.
I saw the band several more times and my best friend and fellow Beat Farmer fanatic were brought on stage with Country Dick to sing along on the chorus of Beat Generation at Slims in San Francisco about five years later. Country Dick gave my friend and I each one of his drumsticks for our efforts, one of my personal favorite momentos.
Rest in peace Country Dick, now my patron Univeral Life Church saint, and smack those snot nosed preppy hairballs in the sky!

Name - Big John
Email - [email protected]
Date - June 22nd 2003
Comment - I miss him alot, he's a great friend that I'll never forget...

Name - Steven Martin
Email - [email protected]
Date - June 16th 2003
Comment - I'll always equate the best times of my youth with a dive of a bar called Bodie's in San Diego. Some time in early '84 a good friend of mine who had seen Country Dick and the Snuggle Bunnies perform the year before dragged me and a group of friends to see the Beat Farmers at Bodie's. The crowd was an incongruous but amiable mix of middle-aged barflies, college kids from SDSU up the road, punks and shitkickers. The show was opened up by Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper, the former pounding a big, empty Sparklets bottle on the dance floor as he wailed about being a mushroom maniac, while Skid plucked the string on his washtub base with that trademark unflappable look on his face. Then after a few sets of this, the Beat Farmers took the stage, the canvas backdrop of which was a crudely painted depiction of some surreal farm with a barn and a grain silo shaped like a big red dick.

I won't even try to describe the show that followed. If you were lucky enough to experience the euphoric bedlam that Country Dick brought to every performance, you'll already have an idea of what it was like. Between sets, the band mingled easily with the patrons as Born to be Wild played on the juke. Over the next few months my friends and I saw the Beat Farmers perform at Bodie's several times, enough so that we were sometimes the target of Dick's good-natured insults hurled from onstage. One night Dick staggered off the stage during a song and jumped onto our table (no mean feat, as the tables at Bodie's were not much wider that a barstool) and began to rock precariously back and forth as my friends and I dived for cover. Needless to say, we felt highly honored.
On behalf of Pedro Quiroz, Eloy Uribe, Rene Garcia and myself, I'd like to thank Country Dick, Jerry, Rollie and Buddy for some damn fine memories.

Name - Joni
Date - May 1st 2003
Comment - I miss you Monty Rocker. Captain Crunch, bowling, Mink DeVille, painting welcome banners for Billy still make me smile.

Email - [email protected]
Date - April 7th 2003

Email - [email protected]
Name - Scott Judd
Date - January 22nd 2003
I only saw the BF's once in Eugene Oregon, I think in '94. I was invited by a friend who made a very convincing pitch for why we should go. He proved to be right, it was excellent in all regards. A main highlight was me and my pal and his gal being invited onstage, as we were clearly the most enthusiastic fans in the small weeknight crowd, to play kazoo's and sing backups on Happy Boy (which I knew from the radio, despite my general ignorance of the rest of their catalog). The band was very gracious and fearless about inviting us into their universe for a moment, and I like to think we did a great job for them.
Other great memories were Dick absolutely ASSAULTING that ragged piece of wood he called a guitar, producing one of the most insane guitar solo's I have ever heard.
Then Dick did a little solo time that he kicked off by saying "Everybody have a seat - I'm gonna tell you a little story about the night I fucked Prince's Mom." Priceless.
And finally he lay on his back and poured a few beers into his head using his feet, which I'm guessing is a stunt he pulled regularly, but it was quite impressive anyway.
I'm eternally thankful I got a chance to encounter this rock spectacle - Long Live Country Dick Montana and the Legends of the Beat Farmers.

Email - [email protected]
Name - Wild Bill
Date - December 20th 2002
I was fortunate enough to see the Farmers several times and turned lots of my friends on to their shows. I had the pleasure of having Dick fall on my table in Virginia Beach...he kept me from being kicked out of the Bacchanal in San Diego after some dick thought I pushed his girlfriend (I didn't, but the cute UCSD hottie next to me did!!), and we drink a bottle of Herradura in Seattle just before he sang "A Big Fuckin' Poofta" to the tune of Green Acres at a bar that had been closed for hours. Joey came with us and got layed without even trying. I slid across the dancefloor at one of their shows on my knees...just to ask for a phone a lot more than that for my trouble. Christ...I would have never gotten through my "wild years" without 'em. I miss you guys, and especially you Big Dick! I guess it would seem inappropriate to watch you grow old and maybe get slopppy. Rest easy maggot!
Wild Navy Bill

Email - [email protected]
Name - Ron Schroeder
Date - November 1st 2002
Here it is seven years later and I'm still singing Beat Farmers songs whenever I get drunk, including "Happy Boy" at my wedding, followed by a first class ride to the bar on my friends' shoulders.
I must have seen the Beat Farmers a dozen times, starting in 1986 in San Diego and including three times at the bar I worked at in Lincoln, NE (P.O.Pears). Some time in the early 90's my boss asked what band would I bring in if I could get any band? Without hesitation, "The Beat Farmers." A couple months later there they were on my stage, with me providing the Heineken and Jagermiester all night long. During these shows I sat next to Country Dick on the floor and sang songs, carried him to the bar, threw beer with him, drank and smoked with all of them, gargled and played kazoo on stage during "Happy Boy."
Some times the bands that opened for them sucked but a couple of times they were a perfect match with the Beat Farmers: Buck Naked and the Bare Bottom Boys, The Cadillac Tramps. What great shows. The Beat Farmers albums are like a soundtrack to my single days in the eighties and nineties. Live hard, party even harder. Because that's the way Country Dick taught me. I'll drink a shot a Jager' for you tonight.
Country Dick Montana Lives!!! Hubba, Hubba, Hubba

Date - September 4th 2002
The Beat Farmers will be sorely missed. A friend turned me on to them while we were college students at Louisiana State. I believe the last time I saw them was around 1992 at a private party near Vail, Colorado. I published a few of the pics to the web.
Have a look.
Leonard S Gurvich, Jr.

Email - [email protected]
Name - J R Date - September 19th 2002
Hey all,
Miss em bad...
Here's a good one...
Round about '86, '87, '88, one of those foggy years for me I was 22 or so.
Went to the old 9:30 club with a buddy to see the Farmers for 2nd or 3rd time. We got there particularly early to have our lions share of the booze at the bar before the show. We walk to the back bar where the bartender was still settin up and there was only one other soul in the place, Country Dick. Needless to say we were happier than pigs in shit.
I was awed by the sheer size of the man even though I had helped many times to crowd surf him over to the bar during one of his ballads. He had his typical attire. Black hat, black leather duster, black jeans, and black button-up shirt. I think he had a scarf on too, black of course.
Well we sidled up to him and offered to buy him a beer. Bad Country Dick form on our part. You don't offer a beer to a guy that drank like he did. He immedialtely chastised us and suggested we buy him a tequila, no two, to make up for the faux pas we had committed.
We sat and had a grand time for about a half an hour, just me, my buddy, and Country Dick Montana. He immediately was treating us like we had known each other for years. To this day he is the greatest "famous" person I ever got to hang with. I wouldn't want it to be anyone else. Whats amazing is how clearly I remember it to this day, and the Keystone Cop adventures that transpired later that evening.
So after the first set the band retired to the "dressing" room of the 9:30 club which was really just the basement of the dump that was the club. Well seein as how we felt we were compadres of Country at this point, that, and the 4-5 tequilas we had with him plus the beer chasers, we decided to head on down to the dressing room where the band was.
Well I remember seein everyone down there and startin up a conversation with Joey. Country Dick was sittin in a beat up 1970's green smelly chair. My buddy was fawning over him like a drunk, very drunk, junior high school girl.
About 3-4 minutes later I notice my buddy isn't around and I think Joey was asking me exactly who I was again, when lo and behold my buddy walks out of a back area wearin a bright red bandana shirt. Now my buddy goes about 250 at 5'9' so when he wears red he turns peoples heads. Well sure enough he turned Country Dicks head.
My Buddy: AW shoot Country Dick don't make me go naked!
Country Dick: Gimme my shirt!
My Buddy: removes shirt in a flash as Country stands up.
Me: I don't who that freak is Joey, honest.
My Buddy: C'mon man we gotta make a break for it. throws shirt to Country.
Pandemoniun in the room. People yellin. My drunk fat friend naked from the waist up. Country Dick laughin. Me runnin for the narrow stairs up and out.
I get upstairs into the crowd and blend. next thing I see is my buddy pop up (still naked up top) in the middle of the crowd. I mean he literally "popped" up from the ground. The bouncers were chasin him so he would get down on his hands and knees and crawl a ways then pop up tryin to make his way to the door. It was like watchin a John Belushi movie.
So I see the bouncers fannin out but they got nothin on the wily ways of my buddy and next thing I see is him haulin ass (and believe me with him that means makin two trips) down the hall to the outdoors. I quickly followed.
Well sorry if thats a little long winded but...tough shit.
Thats my story and I'm stickin to it.
It was the last time I saw Dick and the boys and I have missed them ever since.

from: [email protected]
name: Gary Suydam

If you ever saw the Beat Farmers live, you'll appreciate this: I was in a band (The Kingpins) in the mid-eighties that had the honor of opening for the Beat Farmers on a few separate occasions in 1985-86. I had seen the band several times and was aware of Country Dick's stage antics, but I wasn't prepared for what happened that night. It was at the Cabaret in San Jose. During one of Country Dick's songs while he staggered around the stage, he pointed at me and said "COME OVER HERE, I'M GONNA MOUNT YOU!". When I got to the front of the stage he climbed on my shoulders and rode me around the dance floor. When we finally made it back to the stage he ended the song and announced that "he was a good ride". Although we had opened for the Beat Farmers, I hadn't intended to be part of their show, but then again a lot of things probably happened at Beat Farmers shows that weren't intended.
We are all saddened by his death and will miss him for a long time to come.

from: [email protected]
name: Tim Bell

I can't believe it! Only today did I find this web page and find out that Country Dick left this world two years ago! I live in Calistoga now, but once worked in La Mesa at Liquor Barn where Dick would come in with Buddy and buy Capt. Morgan's Rum, or some other potion.
The Beat Farmers are one of my all-time favorite bands. I've been out of touch with what has been going on with them for awhile (obviously) but have been looking for new albums. Now I know why there have been none.
I am shocked, disturbed, saddened, numb... [the next email in my box was...] Sorry to bother you again, but I just read the Country Dick eulogy, and it reminded me of the best Beat Farmer concert I ever attended.
It was in San Diego (I forget the name of the club--somewhere up north between Hwy 163 and I-805) and sitting with my best friend Bo at a bar that was raised and looked out over the lower floor, facing the stage. Partway thru the show Dick came out from behind his drums, sang some songs, and came out into the crowd. He was weaving aroung holding a half-empty bottle of mezcal, and climbed up onto the bar right where we sat. He downed the mezcal, and stopped right in front of me. Dick held my gaze for a moment that felt like an eternity, gave a slight grin, and tossed me the bottle. I was a little lit, but somehow reached up with one hand and smoothly snagged the bottle without even looking, just like it was planned.
"Great catch!" my buddy was gasping, and suddenly Dick was gone and halfway to the stage. It was wild. I never did make it out of the club with my bottle, though--the bouncers wouldn't let me take it (some bull about on-premise beverage was empty, for Pete's sake!) But it sure is a fond memory.

from: [email protected]
name: Darrin

You had to see the band live to truely understand the full effect of how they entertained their audience. Country Dick was damned entertaining.
I saw The Farm for the first time at "The Oasis" in Palm Springs.After the show I saw them every time I got the chance. In fact, everyone who went to the original show with me ended up seeing them again somewhere else. Once you saw The Beat Farmers live, you had to see them again.
* The Oasis 1987(?) Security guards in the parking lot ( before the show ) demand that we finish our beer and leave the area. A captive audience watches us guzzle in sync with Jerry Raneys'guzzle in "Happy Boy" which was blasting from the car sterio.
My brother Don meets girl " Katie " at show. Still married to this day. I beat the crap out of some guy in the front row for continuing to elbow me in the stomach. My brother Bryan is ejected for attempting to get on stage.
*The Barn( Riverside ).My second time seeing them at the Barn, I was finally able to be the guy to give Country Dick his piggy-back ride. Despite his rude comments and suggestions, I was a very good sport and continued to purchase Beat Farmer CD's. The band allowed my brother Don to play his gazzoo on stage. Lots of Kodak moments at this particular show.
*San Luisabispo. Played pool with Jerry Raney after the show.Real cool guy, real shitty pool player. Country Dick wrote obscenities on my Farm shirt ( the one /w the 2 dogs )and and we all ended up getting layed. One of my favorite Farm nights.
God Bless Country Dick Montana. I'm a fan for life. Thanks for the memories.
Darrin McBreen Rockridge Entertainment and

The original note I received from Ken Drew on November 9th:
To all my fellow BFer freinds and fans:
I have to report the sad news to all of you. It appears as if Country Dick Montana passed away last night in Vancouver. I have a call into their agent but I must go home in 20 minutes so I will not be able to report anything until tomorrow. Below are 3 separate posts that I just received. I do not know what to say.

Long ago during Dick's cancer battle, Jerry and Joey both said that the BFers are one band and if Dick passed away, it would be over. Today, November 9, 1995 marks the day that the BFers ended their great music.
Country Dick Montana: I will truely miss your great sense of humor and fun times. I hope that we all share in the sorrow of his passing. One last time:
Hubba hubba........
---------------------------------------- To: [email protected] From: [email protected] (Camille) Subject: Bad News
Ken, I have bad news and I don't know how else to say this so I'll just blurt it out. Country Dick passed away last night on stage in Vancouver, apparently from a heart attack. I really don't have much else to say other than I feel tremendously sad. I'll write more when I have more news. Right now, I am just devasated. What a tragic loss. ------------------------ To: [email protected] From: [email protected] (jbuffit) Subject: Country Dick's Death
Hey kdrew, I was at the Beat Farmers show last night (11/08/95) in Whistler BC, and at the beginning of the third set Dick dropped dead!! I wish I was joking but he was pronounced dead on arrival at the Whistler medical clinic! Not fun... ---------- From: [email protected] To: [email protected] Subject: Country Dick Montana Dead
Country Dick Montana died last night on stage in Canada of an apparent heart attack. An autopsy has been scheduled to be performed in Vancouver. I work with his aunt, who was awoken this morning with the bad news. You might want to spread this unfortunate news on the Internet. His aunt just had dinner with him two weeks ago here in Phoenix prior to their show at the Rocking Horse. She even brought me an autographed photo of the band. ------------ KEN ([email protected]) *The Beat Farmers : WWW page at: * * * *Webb Wilder : check these guys out! *

"You ask me was it worth it all, I say YES with all my might"
-Country Dick Montana
"Lakeside Trailer Park"
I think this says it all.
Brad Growden New Orleans

from: [email protected]
name: jeff osman
Country Dick and the Beat Farmers will be sadly missed at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz, California.
Jeff, Matt and Jon are no longer quite the "Happy Boys".
RIP, Dick

A note from K. Drew today (11/10/95):
Hi Michael
The real story is pretty simple. They were playing outsid eof Vancouver ( Whistler,BC about 60 mile north) and at the end of the 4th song Dick had a heart attack. The place was near a ski area so there were some ski patrols (or something like that) in the audience who knew CPR and they tried to get Dick back but couldn't do it. The paramedics arrived shortly afterwards and he was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The last song was "Girl I Almost Married" and that is all I know. I'll work up something over the weekend and send it to you.

from: [email protected]
name: JB
God figured he waited enough to learn how to drink beer from his boots up in the air. Heaven just got a hella lot rowdier. We'll all miss ya, Dick.

Press release from Sector 2 Records:
It is sad to report that Country Dick Montana, the drummer and vocalist for what is probably the one of the preeminent bar bands in the world, the Beat Farmers, died on November 8 at the age of 40, on-stage, while the Beat Farmers were performing at the Longhorn Saloon in Whistler, British Columbia in front of a sold-out crowd. According to Montana's label, Sector 2 Records, the cause of death was an apparent heart attack, and he was pronounced dead at 11:40 PM (PST).

Montana began his career in the music business when he not only ran one of the first underground record stores in San Diego but led the Kinks Preservation Society. Jumping out of the frying pan, into the fire, he went on to join the garage rock the Crawdaddies, releasing two albums along the way. Moonlighting as always, he also performed with the San Diego band The Penetrators before forming the Beat Farmers in 1983. The band first release was "Tales Of The New West" on Rhino Records in 1985, before moving onto Curb/MCA where they released three studio albums (Van Go, The Pursuit Of Happiness, and Poor And Famous), a live album (Live Loud and Plowed), and a
"Best Of" collection. Most recently the Beat Farmers found a home at Sector 2 Records in Austin, Texas, where they put out "Viking Lullabys" last year and, most recently "Manifold". Country Dick solo album has been recorded for some time and now may be released early next year.
We are all saddened by this untimely death, but Tom Ames, the road manager for the Beat Farmers perhaps said it best: "He died on-stage, doing what he loved, in front of a sold out crowd."

I was informed that a tenative public service for Country Dick Montana will be held Monday evening at the Belly-Up Saloon in San Diego, California. This is NOT for sure so please check first if you plan to attend. A private service will take place Monday afternoon for family and close friends at an undisclosed location.
The band is currently driving home to San Diego from Canada. There is no news as to the future of the band. They may stay together, they may disband. It is too early to tell.
If you want to send bereavement gifts, cards. etc., please send them to:
The Beat Farmers PO Box 2128 El Cajon, CA 92021 USA
We all miss Dick. His sense of humor permits me to say this: Jesus, are you drinkin' with Dick? Let's hope so.
More updates to follow as soon as I hear them.

from: [email protected]
name: James Fisher
I spent last weekend watching the Beat Farmers at Slim's and at the Catcus Club. After the show on Sunday night we shared "sheep" shots. As a long time fan of the Beat Farmers I will miss Country Dick. The Beat Farmers were more like a family than just another band.
My prayers go out to everyone.
Thanks for the memories!

from: [email protected]
name: Joe Rosiles

I am deeply saddened by Dick's death, more so then I should be beacause I didn't know him personnaly and he wasn't family. All the same Dick was my hero, He was bigger than life and twice as loud. He will be sorely missed. I hope that the Boys will remember that even though we all will miss Dick very m uch that he was not the only reason that we are Beat Farmer fans. I don't think they should seperate, and I'm sure Dick would not want them to disband. I for one will continue to be a fan and support them and pread the gospel. I know that whenever or where ever they play the spirit of Dick will be in the room.

name: CD Seul
From all of us who have "sat around the campfire," "carried him to the bar," or simply doused him with a full bottle of beer.... He will be missed.

from: [email protected]
name: Rob Cooper

We at American Indian have an obituary page dedicated to Dick.
It's at http://www.winternet. com/~solar/dick.html

from: [email protected]
name: Jim Delurgio

The loss of Country Dick is a tragedy for all of us. At least we had taken the opportunity to enjoy his music and his great life with him! I feel really bad for those people who never saw a Beat Farmer's show, and will never achieve that level of understanding. Dick will be greatly missed by all of us, yet the loss of Dick also makes thoughts of our own mortality a hell of a lot more exciting. I'm sure he kicked open the pearly gates and had Jesus Christ himself carry him to the bar!

from: [email protected]
name: barbara tabler

I had been following Country Dicks career for a long time since Monty Rockers opened but was always too shy to approach him to tell him how much I appreciated his style. I went to the Bacchanal 2-3 times a week for a few years way back when. I'll sure miss him.

from: [email protected]
name: cano

Condolences to the entire Farmer family, and there's lots of you. C.Dick was one glorious Bastard and will be greatly missed by the "Blue Chevrolet" boys of Chicago. +++++++ Jesus owes you one; six pack to go...+++++++++++++

from: [email protected]
name: Cano

Condolences to the entire Farmer family. C. Dick was one glorious Bastard. He will be deeply missed by the "Blue Cheverolet" of Chicago. ++++++OK Jesus, Dick'll have that six pack to go.....

from: [email protected]
name: Rob Cooper

From the Palomino in North Hollywood to the Cabooze in Minneapolis, the Beats were a part of my life that I don't want to see end. My thoughts go out to Joey and Rolle especially. I'd like to hear Dick bellow "ANYBODY NEED A RIDE HOME?" just one more time (as he douses himself with more beer).
Dick, we'll miss you.

From: "Spencer K. Stephens"
Subject: country dick montana

Many, many thanks to you, Dick. About the only time this middle-aged suburban fool could ever really remember those sacred little moments from back when he used to roll bigger stones was when he was watching you on stage or cruising the interstate with the BFers cranking on the old Blaupunkt. I hope life on the big rock candy mountain is everything it's sposta be. Be sure and say hi to my dad -- another dedicated rock and roll man who left this world for the other long before he should have. Oh, and by the way: as a favor to you, the next time a drunken, burly guy in a long coat and cowboy boots tells me he needs a ride to the bar, I'm just gonna fucking give it to him!

from: [email protected] name: Prof. Darrell Long
It's a sad day here in Santa Cruz... I'm old El Cajon boy, and my wife and I were pleased to find that the Beat Farmers were playing at the Santa Cruz Couty Fair the first week we moved up here from San Diego back in 1988.
I still rememebr Country Dick singing Lucille, and pouring bear down the front o his jeans. Needless to say, this shocked the locals who are not unaccustomed to such politically incorrect songs or displays.

from: [email protected] name: Bill Gooch Broolkyn NY
I just want to say that I was not just a fan, but a close freind of the band.
I will Dick tremendously!!!
My condolances to the family and of course to the Beat Farmers and their fans.
I flew into CAL tonite to pay respects for Dick at Winstons.

From: [email protected] Subject: RIP
I just want to express my deep loss for Dick.
I am not only a fan but a close freind of the band and their family.
I will miss Dick tremendously, and glad for the little time I had with him!!!
My sympathy to Dick's family and especially the BEAT FARMERS!!!!
Bill Gooch "brooklyn ny"......

from: wpa @
name: Michael Thomas (Weddings,Parties,Anything)
Five years ago we did some shows with the Beat Farmers in Canada after which me and my girlfriend Sharon went to stay with Rolle in Sandiego. They probably don't remember a lot of it but it is pretty vivid in my mind still. It meant a lot to find a band that seemed to have something in common with us and also who were so hospitable. They took us to see the Replacements and Dick showed us where to get the best ribs. As I said, it meant a lot and all we can say is how sorry we are to hear the news and that we never managed to get you down to tour. Australia will never know what it missed. To Rolle, Joey and Jerry, from Michael Thomas and the rest of the Weddings our deepest commiserations. And to Dick, wherever you are, CHONK ON !!!

from: [email protected]
name: Bill Hanson

Country Dick, Thank you for the great times at the "Cat" in Santa Cruz. Only you could have inspired me to jump up on stage and make a fool of myself with a kazoo!! Although I am saddened by your loss, I take solice in the fact that you fit more into your 40 years then any one else does in a life time. I also smile thinking that I too lived a richer life having been to 15+ Farmers shows. I love to think about the times I would take Farmer's Virgins to experience you for the first time and watching their expressions when you would take a sheep shot! All of them left the show smiling and drained. Thanks again for touching my life with your incredible delicate touch (insert theme to Green Acres Here).
Your fan for life and beyond, Bill Hanson

from: [email protected]
name: Tom Thompson
Dick, you will be missed by all who have known you and most who have seen you. I remember the shows at Bodie's and Belly Up and The Bacchanal, not to mention the shows here in Phoenix at the Rockin' Horse. From The Weazles, our condolences to the Beat Farmer families. A truly good man has been taken from us. Are you drinkin' with him, Jesus? I hope so...

>From the news article I just sent out to the BFer list:
Raney, Harris, Rolle Dexter Love and Buddy Blue gathered against a chain link fence behind Winston's about midway through the evening for a photo op. Raney quipped later that they were all of the "former Beat Farmers."
The Beat Farmers will not continue without McLain, Raney said.
It comes as no surprise to all of us that the BFers are no longer. Without Country Dick Montana it could never be the same.
All I hope is that Jerry and Joey countinue to play together somehow. They are both truly gifted song-writers and 2/3's of a fine musical team. It is their music that got me into the BFers and hopefully we will all still here "Riverside", "Hollywood Hills", "Bigger Stones", "Make It Last", etc.
Here's hoping it WILL last.......
KEN ([email protected])

name: jsteve
from: uunet!!jsteve
Nobody, but nobody could sing, dance, and spin a full bottle of beer like Country Dick. He made us all a little younger.

name: Vicki Cain
I feel the need to write something, but I just don't know how to put it into words. How do you explain grief? Sure, Dick was capable of rambunctous behavior and he could drink in one evening more than I could in a month, but underneath that rough exterior was one of the most gentle souls I've ever met. I had the pleasure of knowing him for over ten years, and through those years he was always caring and compassionate as well as one of the funniest people on the planet! I'll miss you dearly, Dick. Buy Jesus a drink for me.

from: [email protected]
name: Kent

Adios maggot, we're gonna miss ya.

from: [email protected] name: Erik Johnson
Country Dick you will be truly missed. Your a man who's thirst was as big as your heart. Every show that I ever went to you always made the fans feel, real special and I'm proud to have met you.
I can see you now leading a chours of happy boy in heaven and Jesus's disciples carrying you to the bar. God bless you Country Dick Montana

from: [email protected] name: JIM GRAHAM

name: K. Mahady
First of all, my sympathies go out to the band and to Dick's family. I saw the Farmers perhaps 20 times in San Diego, San Francisco and here in Vegas and can't fathom life without one last pow wow. Now I know how the Deadheads felt. As miserable as I am in the wake of this tragedy I'm sure I'm not alone in hoping that Jerry, Joey and Rolle carry on in some form -- if not as the Farmers. I hate to think I've seen "Hideaway" and "The Woo Woo Song" performed for the last time.

name: Felicia
I used to see the Beat Farmers shows in San Diego in 1983 when I was a student at UCSD. Sometimes I ran into Country Dick at other people's concerts. I had not seen them lately because they always sell out in San Diego. I was in New York city in October and saw them for the first time in ten years. Country Dick looked great and even stage-dove. The audience passed him over their heads back to the stage! What a wild man!

from: [email protected]
name: James A. Gardner

Much as I hate to put something like this in terms of how it affects me, I've been really dreading turning 40 next week, and Country Dick's death at my age really accentuates the tragedy of it for me. I always dug their music, and I'm kickin' myself overtime for not prying myself away from my mundane routine to go see them on their current tour. Their music has meant a lot to me from the get-go and the "Live and Greasy" album has pulled my out of a slump many a time. If you're listening, CD, you may be gone and you'll be missed, but your legacy lives on. At my house, there's a three-year-old tyke who runs around day in and day out, singing, "I'm a happy boy, hubba, hubba, hubba, hubba, hubba." And that's about as good as it gets.

from: [email protected]
name: cw bell

My wife and I were shocked when Alex phoned us last week about the passing of Country Dick. We had just gone up to Chicago to see the BF's last month and I thought at that time that Dick looked like he needed to take some time off. Our deepest sympathies are with the Beats and their families and we will dearly miss Dick, there will never be another like him.

from: [email protected]
Once when Dick was feeding the crowd from his beer bottle, he just ran out when my buddy Jim had his mouth open under the bottle. Dick proceeded to place the empty bottle in Jim's mouth. He then said, "You ain't a man until Country Dick puts it in your mouth." So many memories...sharing a joint with Dick, in Chicago ...I will really miss that man! Thanks Country Dick!

from: [email protected]
name: Ellen Swiatek

I caught the Farmers and Blasters on 10/13 (or maybe 10/20!) at the Club Bene in Sayreville, NJ. The place holds probably 500 people and there were probably about 50 people in the place!! I feel so fortunate to have been there that nite to see the Beat Farmers go hog wild for such a small crowd. Country Dick was in the audience with us for most of the Blasters show, then joined them for a hilarious version of I'm Shakin'. With classic made-up Dick lyrics! I had to really convince my showmates to make the effort to attend this, calling it the "Show of the Year", and it definitely lived up!! The Beat Farmers are talented enough to play on but their live shows will NEVER be the same.

from: [email protected]
name: Joe Rose

Well, a week has gone bye now and the pain and sadness has not decreased I am sure we all will miss Dick for a long long time. I have been listening to the BFers all week. All I can say is "Dick, you were one Bent Sombidg!" If only all of us could manage to check out doing what we love best and in the company of so many that care so much. I would like to raise a toast to all of you Farm Hands. After attending so many shows and seen the likes of you scum balls I had no idea that you all could be so goddamned sentimental. I gotta tell ya, I ain't gonna break down and cry, a grown man don't do that shit. Like hell I ain't. Joe Rose

from: [email protected]
name: Lance Norris

The last time I saw Dick was at a show at The Boulder Coast in CO. Dick was sharing a bottle of Mescal with a little girl at the front of the stage. That was Dick, always sharing. She had never eaten the worm before, so Dick, always one to educate, taught her how. Shortly there after she lost her mind, and we figured she be better off in one of the rooms backstage. He boyfriend did agree with us, but of course, all he saw was Dick dragging the now babbling girl down the hall. To make a long story even longer, the evening ended with Dick handcuffing the boyfriend to the hopper in the girls room, and Dick leaving with the keys. I was told it took four hours to get bolt cutters to free the guy.....You will be missed, you scumbag, Not by me, mind you, but you will be missed

from: [email protected]
name: Bruce Young

I just discovered the Beat Farmers WWW page just yesterday only to find out that Country Dick had past away. I was shocked and saddened. Being a Beat Farmer fans isnt like being a fan in other groups, it's being part of the Beat Farmer Family. I remember at the Coach House a few years back when Country Dick walked across our table then set down on our table in front of us with a beer in one hand and a beer in the other. He stayed there singing "Roll Another Number" and "Are You Drinking With Me Jesus?" One of the saddest things is that new fans can still go buy Beat Farmers CDs but they will never be able to sing Conutry Dick at his best, onstage. Is there any video of the BFs live?
Dick, we will miss you and I hope to see you one day up on Big Rock Candy Moutain.
Joey, Jerry, Rolle and the rest of the Beat Farmer family.....we luv ya.
Bruce Young

from: [email protected]
name: Marc Duggan

I just recently met Country Dick here in Fort Collins, Co., and I must say that he was one of the nicest musicians I've ever met. My family is close with Jerry, and I can tell you now, there may never be a sadder time in their lives then right now. I barely knew you Dan, but I'm sure gonna miss you. Thanx for that last beer you offered me. I will truely treasure that moment forever. If you read this Jerry, I just wanted to thank you again for a great night...and I wanted to tell you how sorry I am. I hope everything will work itself out. Much Love, Marc Duggan [email protected]

from: [email protected]
name: marlin bowers

Just saw the news - my deepest condolences to Rolle, Joey, Jerry, and the entire Beat Farmers community. I remember walking into a Phoenix bar looking for some live music around '91 while on vacation - NOTHING I'd ever seen matched the intensity of that first Beat Farmers set!! The harps are smashed by now and Country Dick is fronting angels playing beer-soaked electric guitars..............God bless Country Dick Montana.

from: [email protected]
name: A Fan

Hope the good lord is drinkin with ya, Country Dick...

from: [email protected]
name: Vern

I'm very sorry for the loss, but hope the band will continue together in some way. Have seen the Beat Farmers many times and every show was better than the one before. I was very much looking forward to seeing them at the Town Pump in Vancouver last weekend, but we were all cheated. 40 years seems so short, but Country Dick packed a lot of entertaining into those years and the memories will last. If anyone knows of any video available of the Farmers in concert (professional or not) I would be very interested in hearing about it - would love to see beer spraying/bar carrying/profanity spewing at its best just once more.

from: [email protected]
name: Kurt K. Gilman

Dick you sly old laughing bastard....
may your bowling ball always be full of your favorite shot and your pitcher of beer, rum and coke never show the bottom.
will you ever master drinking with your feet?
i will never tire of mopping up after your "wet" set at Winston's East.
the only retired polynesian bouncer, kg

from: [email protected]
name: spencer stephens

You taught me several good lessons Dick, and I want to thank you for it. Possibly the most important is this: Life is too short to sit around thinking about what you woulda, coulda, shoulda done. Like the snot-nose, middle-aged, suburban, button-down motherfucker that I am, I turned down my one chance to put you on my shoulders and carry you to the bar. Never again. When my time comes to join you on the Big Rock Candy Mountain, I hope I'm breathing hard and figuring how to fit in one more adventure.

from: [email protected]
name: Steve Hendrickson

Awoke a couple weeks ago late on a wednesday night with a sudden craving for a dozen shots of Jagermeister. I was pretty confused until I heard the news a couple days later . . . the world will be a more sober and less interesting place without Mr. Montana.

from: [email protected]
name: Dave Lederer

I only saw Country Dick twice, but he was an original--and he took the time to say hi to us at the bar between sets. Try that with alot of these other people who have record contracts.
All I can say is: Name another artist that died in a (relative) blaze of glory like this. Joplin, nope. Hendrix (nope). Garcia nope.
A true original.

from: [email protected]
name: Len Gutman

Country Dick's ashes will be put to rest this Sunday near Fresno, Calif. (editor's note: that's Sunday 11/26/95) His family will be spreading his ashes on the family's former ranch, near Pine Flat Lake. Just an FYI.

from: [email protected]
name: Trevor

Real sorry to hear the news. He was a great guy!! The BEAT FARMERS were one of the best bands to come to towm. I will cherish what I can remember about the 14 shows I've seen. Here's to you, C Dick!! -gulp-
A good fan - Trevor

from: [email protected]
name: Ken Michels

Country Dick always made Beat Farmer fans feel like part of their family. With his passing I feel like I lost a friend. The first song I ever heard him sing was God Save the Queen. From then on, I begged him to do it again, he always agreed and said maybe we will. I never heard their version again. This always left me wanting more. Now after hearing Texas Heat, I realize there was so much more to Dan, then just joke songs... Peace.

name: James in Scottsdale from:
Saw Bfarmes with blasters week before in Scottsdale. Saw 1 happy man performing for 1 large happy crowd 1 last happy time ('least on this planet ) he left us wanting more. Booker-t, jerry-g, country-d. enough already
james "the 5th pleasure baron" in scottsdale

from: Grunt 95 name: Hoaky Hickel\ Dash Rip Rock publish%3F: Yes -------------------------------------- Im gonna really miss him. I hope the rest of you guys in the band are ok. Fuck,F from: Grunt 95
name: Hoaky Hickel, Dash Rip Rock

Im gonna really miss him. I hope the rest of you guys in the band are ok. Fuck,Fuck,Fuck, FUCK!

from: [email protected]
name: Sean Siever

Me and my buddy were out getting shit-faced at Jose Murphy's in Pacific Beach. It was an "all you can drink" night. As me and my friend were staggering out to our truck, Country Dick said in that countrified voice of his: "You youngins better learn how to hold your alcohol..." He then changed the subject, offering to give a lady in a similar condition a ride to his home.
Country Dick kept us all happy and laughing. He's a cool spirit - just not in our dimension anymore.

name: Danny Michel

Dear joey,jerry,rolle,rosco & tom Hello its danny from the Rhinos,remember us? We did a bunch of shows together out west, anyway ,we heard the horrible news about dick. Our hearts go out to you, your families & friends through these hard times. Dick will be missed very much by many people. It is rare that the world gets such a cool man. Recently our band broke up and we've all agreed that some of the best nights we had together was with you guys. I am starting a record by myself in january and would like to dedicate it to the memory of dick,would that be o.k? Although dick is gone & I will miss him very much, dont let yourselfs forget you write wonderful songs & I am looking forward to hearing some new ones.
cheers! all our love Danny michel & the rhinos

from: [email protected]
name: Jonathan Guy

It was with great sadness that I heard of the death of Dick Montana. Along with many other groups from the mid-'80s he, and the BFers first really got me hooked on music. They played with a beautiful passion and humour and brought home the fact that music was, in fact, great entertainment and brilliant FUN. I first saw him at a Greater London Council Benefit in Battersea Park and the BFers blew everyone else away. Along with their records and other live shows at least Dick leaves us with some beautiful memories. I will miss him.

from: [email protected] name: Dick"Lonesome Cowboy Dick" Foreman
I got hooked-up with the Farmers in 1985, and gave Dick a Budweiser-Label print western shirt that I saw him wear for the next three years. He will be greatly missed.And Dick, if you can hear this- If you see the bear, Tell him to wait there.
the other Dick

from: [email protected]
name: R.A. MacLean, Bassist, DEADBOLT

Country Dick Montana made the San Diego music scene, pure and simple. My heartfelt condolences to the Montana Family and to the Beat Farmers. You were an inspiration to us all and what we can aspire to be. Thanks for the music and the memories. Regards,

from: [email protected]
name: Greg Gaspard

Ah, Dick. Had a real strange dream about three days before Dick moved on. I dreamt Dick was sitting on my bed, waking me up by shaking me and pointing to my record collection. "What the hell are ya listening to this crap for? What is this shit? Don't ya have any music in here?" When I found out about the big guy, I sold those CD's. Only got 5 bucks. The bastard was right. I'll miss the California Kid. Condolences to the rest of the Beat Farm Collective.

name: Al
The BF's showed this English kid that country music could be cool "Tales of the New West" one of the best LP's ever. Thanks for some good times old boy.

from: [email protected]
name: S Fachet

This is very sad news. I can't believe the leader of the world's greatest barroom band is gone. I only had a chance to see them twice, and both times I had the most fun a person's allowed to have without getting arrested! I'm from the Phila. area, so I wasn't as lucky as the fans on the west coast, who were able to see them more often. Country Dick was an American original and will surely be missed. So I raise my shot of tequila in one hand and beer in the other and salute the one, the only, Country Dick Montana, you will not be forgotten. S.Fachet

from: [email protected]
name: perry

I would give my life to be country dick for a day

from: [email protected]
name: Sam Missimer

There's no better way to honor CDM than to keep rockin', reelin' and stinkin' up a storm. All you who can play, hold or hum an instrument should chose a Country Dick song and sing it loud every chance you get. There's magic in the music.

name: Kimmo Sundberg
Since 1990, when this boy from Finland first heard "Tales of the New West"-album, I have been waiting for the Beat Farmers to tour Europe and Finland. Now it's not possible any more,at least it wouldn't be the same. Now I have to stick with my albums.That's not so bad, because the music lives forever and the world will never have as fine deep voiced Country Boy as Dick was. All the luck for the other "maggots" of the Beat Farmers, maybe not as the BF:ers anymore, but as great musicians. Hope you'll keep on makin' great music... uuh, I'm gettin' drunk...
The Boy of the Beat Generation
PS.I'm NOT a California Kid and I hope you were NOT prepared to die.

from: [email protected]
name: Marc Marion

Three years ago, I was putting a show together for the Vietnam Vets "Standown" in San Diego. We had over 1,000 people camped out on a football field at San Diego High School. A number of really good local bands showed up to play. Somehow, Dick got wind of what was going on and showed up. He was amazing. I will never forget that show.

from: [email protected]
name: Terry Ludwig

Good-bye, Dick, you happyhappyhappy boy. You're drinking with Jesus now. Be sure to ask politely to use the bathroom.

from: don't have one, using school
name: Derek S. Kroll

from: [email protected]
name: Brendan, the Third Viking

Jeez, its been far too long already - no sticky jeans from a sloppy-wet camping, no more cigarrette trees growing on the Big Rock Candy Mountain, Jesus sitting on a barstool drinking alone while Dick tries to peek under another angel's skirt... Do they let you wear your boots up there? Do you link arms with Elvis and Harry Nilsson and sing viking lullabys in your shitfaced baritone? I still have the viking helmet we drank a pitcher of beer from. I still can't drink with my feet. My kazoo never did wo (Editor's note: it ends there!)

From: Brewdog [email protected]
It's been years since Dan, Rainman, and myself sat down for round or two of poker and a fridge of beer. My memories are good ones, up until about 2 am. I imagine since the fridge was always reloaded 'bout that same time, the card playin' times I with Dan were the best. Except I can't explain waking up to an empty wallet, there were no girlies 'round.
The time I drove up to UCR from SD to meet my sister Sue, who was attending there, was a gas. The Farmers were playin' and Dan's folks were there for the show. (Dan, I have some Pic's from that event, Did you ever have a clue your folks were there "eye balling" you?) That night we blew up the hotel TV in Joey's room attempting better reception. (No Dan, you weren't in on that one. We did that one ourselves.)
Dude, you're not roaming SD no more, nor anyboby elses town. I miss that. But, I keep wondering the fact that once you're gone, you are gone for millions or longer. You know, I'm here on the planet for a short time myself. Get that card table ready with stocked fridge close by, we may need it for the next million bro.

name: steve in paso robles
I got to see about six shows including joey's wedding and I think i'll never have has much fun hearing music as I did those nights. I feel happy knowing I introduced others to the BFers and they all enjoyed. Take care Jerry, Joey, and Rollie.

from: [email protected]
name: Michael Marshall

My fondest memory of Country Dick Montana,was the time I was dancing (or trying to) and tripped over Dick's mic stand. He shoved me in the right direction and said,"WATCH OUT ASSHOLE!" By the way,ever been to the Spring Valley Inn? Thanks Dick.

from: [email protected]
name: J. Silver

I was saddened to hear of the Death of Dick. I have been a huge fan of the Beat Farmers since 1986 when they just about leveled the campus of Colorado State. Of course, that was when Buddy Blue was the main man. Since then I had seen them about 10 times, most in Houston, and looked forward to the shows about every 6 months. Best damn live shows I've ever seen. I even got the chance to share a few beers with Dick and Mojo and once, during his "campfire" session, I enjoyed a bit of the Maui herb with Dick. Without a doubt he was one of the greatest men to ever perform on stage and a class act off stage. He will be missed.
J. Silver

from: [email protected]
name: Tom Schuurmans

About ten years ago, the Beat Farmers did a few shows in the Netherlands. Because I already knew the band from their cd's, I asked a friend of mine and we went to see the show in Het Paard in the Hague. And guess what ! I was the best concert I ever did see. The place was almost solded out and you could really see that the guys apriciated the fact that 5000 miles from home people came to their concert and had a real good time. They played like hell and Dick's campfire act was a big succes. When it was over I went out to my car and found that my car stereo was stolen. Well what the hell, I JUST SAW THE BEST BAND IN THE WORLD.
To hear now that the Beat Farmers have stopped is bad news but understandable, and I can only hope that they (separately) continue with what they can do best and that's making good music and make musiclovers like me A VERY HAPPY BOY !!
Peace to you all from The Netherlands. Tom

from: [email protected]
name: Bill Holmes

I can see him now, kicking in the Pearly Gates, belching out the phrase "Pay Up, Cheaters!". He'd grab the fat Elvis and make him give him a ride to the bar. Jesus would buy.
I was fortunate enough to have seen them play 5 or 6 times, absolutely the best damn bar band there ever was. Instead of being bitter that they weren't selling millions of records, they revelled in the fact that they delivered the goods and had the rabid fan base to prove it.
"I've been around some bars in my time, I know what fun is and I think it's fine..." You sure did, maggot! Rest In Peace.

name: Lee Peron
I first saw the BFer's in 1984 opening for the Plimsouls, and then a subsequent 23 times. They were and will always be my favorite band. They were apart of the special time when the alternative scene was new and uncommercial. I will always remember all of the Beat Farmers and every show....
Thanks for the great times....RIP

from: [email protected]

Dick was a huge part of my life..Each and every year all of us would get together and find 4 or 5 Beat Farmer shows to hit in various states.. Dick and I would always share a drink(I bought) and shoot the shit..I once saw the Beat Farmers in 3 states 3 different weekends(my claim to farmer fame...I will miss him and the band forever..Michael Mueller.. Manhattan Beach Cal.Ps-finally picked upTHE DEVIL LIED TO ME...terrific.. see ya

from: [email protected]
name: Charlie Martin

As a loooooongtime fan of the Beat Farmers I still find myself saddened by Dicks passing nearly a year later. I was lucky enough to see them last summer under the stars at the Pozo Salon in San Luis Obispo, Ca., they were in great form and having a blast. I hope the other band members realize what magic they had while togather but I realize they want to get on with their lives. I am still hoping to see "The Dickless Beat Farmers" comming to my town in the near future. God Bless Country Dick!!

from: [email protected]
name: tim shoemaker (shoemauser)

Dick made me laugh until I cried now I cry until I laugh I miss him greatly

from: [email protected]
name: Scott Holland

Country Dick Montana was the best, we miss him here in Detroit. God Rest His Soul!!!!!!!

from: [email protected]


From: william a kline
Name: Bill Kline

It was great to visit your page. I saw the boys in Omaha Nebraska twice and had the good fortune to party with 'em afterwards too. We had brought a guitar the first time and got to here some cool off the cuff songs with Dick, and Joey. The second time it was my pleasure to help Dick carry a nitrous oxide cannister up the back stairway of the Ramada( a gift to Dick from an admiring fan). Seeing the Beat Farmers changed my life and the way I perform myself (check out my band Rowdy). Anyway thanks.

From: [email protected]
Name: Mark Sahlin Hainesville IL

I want to thank you such an outstanding Beat Farmers home page. I is very informative and I am very happy someone has paid tribute to oneof my favorite bands ever. They have made an impact on my life - to live life to its fullest, to be happy, and to realize that good friends and good moments is what live is worth living for. I miss them much but they will always be in my heart. Thank you.

From: [email protected]
can i call ya Mike?
ok, well then,....
since i'm in a Par-Tic-ularly good mood this evening.....
let me see...
how about the last time i/we (i include my dear friends Mike and Patty) saw the BFers?
it was in 95, i think...(and therefore reason to be doubtful) Patty's birthday, and, thus, reason for celebration...
so, Mike and i rented a limo and got the necessary copious amount of liquor for the 30 minute ride from Denver to Evergreen, the infamous Little Bear bar...
we met our friends Connie and Michael (Connie is an ex of mine, but that's another story) and located ringside seats for, what would be the last time i ever saw Dick, Jerry, Joey and Rollie.
We'd seen the boys all over Colorado; Denver, Boulder, Ft. Collins, Breckenridge, Evergreen, Colorado Springs....uh, and i think there's gotta be a total of about 25 times during this stretch... and a shitload of good times it was...but anyway...
the Little Bear is known to be a pretty rowdy place, and various pieces of female underclothes adorn the light fixtures and structure above the stage...
as i vaguely recall, the band sounded as tight as i'd ever heard, and even tho we were right by the stage, the sound system was as right as i can remember...
we sang along, we watched in awe, kazoos blazing; we toasted each other while we fully partook of all the available alcohol and the absolute glory of a night in heaven, in typical reverent fashion and, last i remember, Connie was seen flashing us as we drove off into the night...thankfully not a vehicle at our control...
i feel somehow sorry that i don't recall more of that was, unknown to us, the last time we would ever see our favorite band on earth. Mike, Patty, Connie and i made every Beat Farmers show that we could and we each have the scars and delightful (if a bit foggy) memories to show for it.
we miss you Dick, thank you for all the fun...