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Country Dick Montana
born Daniel Monte McLain in Carmel, California on May 11, 1955.

Dan McLain owned and operated Monty Rockers Records on El Cajon Boulevard and joined the Penetrators in 1978. He replaced original drummer Joel Kmak, who had joined the Hitmakers (ironically, Joel would later fill in as the drummer for the Beat Farmers). McLain would later found the Snuggle Bunnies and become known as Country Dick Montana, leader of the Beat Farmers.

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The Penatrators got a big break in 1978 by opening for the Ramones at SDSU's Montezuma Hall. In 1980, while recording at Western Adio Studios in Kearny Mesa and selling out local San Diego venues as large as Golden Hall, the Penetrators were Gary Heffern, Chris Sullivan, Jim Call, Chris Davies, and Dan McLain. At the time, only Chris Davies made his living solely as a musician. Heffern worked for the phone company, Sullivan worked at a radio station, and Call managed a Pacific Beath theater, where McLain was a snack bar clerk.
Dan played also with the
Crawdaddy's in 1978. Country Dick and the Snuggle Bunnies also played around this time.
The band split in 1984, with its members going on to play in various bands. The Beat Farmers were one of these bands…….
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